Welcome to CS 7001

please treat all of the information on this website as tentative, a good approximation but not final until Class 1


This class will prepare you to perform great research in computer science, regardless of the area you ultimately choose to pursue for your Ph.D. Towards achieving this goal, this course will:

  • Teach you many skills that you will keep in your “research toolbox” for the rest of your career:
    • time management
    • productivity and (selective) procrastination
    • how to read a research paper
    • how to review a research paper
    • how to write a research paper (technical writing)
    • how to generate ideas, creativity, sources of problems
    • information management (research notebooks, etc.)
    • how to give a good talk
    • how to write a proposal
    • how to be a good TA
  • Find some inspiration regarding open problems and big ideas
  • Offer general tips for life in graduate school and beyond


You will be expected to read some material on graduate school, research, etc., which will be assigned throughout the term. There are no required textbooks for the course.


Discussion: come to class prepared to discuss the topics. This means give them some thought prior to class, in addition to reading, and bring your questions. You will get more from the class and graduate school if you do so. Discussion also means reflecting on your own tendencies. If you find it easy to talk in class, how do you encourage those who are less likely to speak up to do so. If you are quiet, how do you find your voice. Both of these skills are essential for navigating the world of academia.